The challenge facing the South African holders of the Ultra license was how to introduce a global electric dance music brand into a market where it was hardly known and the style of music was not taken seriously by the majority of traditional entertainment writers.

The strategy employed by Amplicon was to educate the South African music public and media about electronic dance music and the Ultra Music Festival, a long-standing and well-established entertainment brand.

Key elements of the strategy included the education of local DJs thereby promoting the style of music; arranging media interviews not only with the artists but also the organizers to help journalists better understand and appreciate electronic dance music festivals; Twitter chats were also arranged between artists and their fans to increases awareness, understanding, positive opinion and resonance.

Amplicon's efforts created widespread awareness and positive opinion for electronic dance music and created a receptive environment for the two Ultra festivals that have been held in South Africa. AVE for the work was well over ZAR 10 million and the festival numbers grew YOY from 40, 000 in 2014 to 50, 000 partygoers in February 2015.

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