The challenge facing the organizers of the Open Book Festival was how to grow a small independent literature festival in a market where there were already a number of established book festivals. This growth had to be done on a very small budget and would include internationally critically acclaimed writers, but not ones that were particularly well known to the general South African reading public.

The strategy employed by the Amplicon team was to promote the festival as the writers' festival whilst educating the South African public about the writers who would be attending. To achieve this Amplicon arranged author media junkets, formed partnerships with serious literary journalists and media channels, and roped in the assistance of embassies to promote writers from their countries.

The result was a festival that is known as the writer's festival and has grown from year to year attracting major sponsors to ensure its future as a unique celebration of the written word.

Results from 2013 – 2014:
Approx. R3m AVE (1:1)
Approx. R15m AVE (1:1)
1083 Twitter followers 2013
1757 Twitter followers 2014
1157 increased to 1626 likes on Facebook.
600 articles were shared via in 2013, and this increased to 2, 412 articles in 2014.

New unique visits to the OBF website was up by 6, 000 in the month pre-festival from the year before during the same period.

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